Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Changing Your MyLife Premium Membership Is Easy offers several features that modern people find attractive. The social networking services, for instance, lets individuals reconnect with old friends and family members. Even members with free, basic subscriptions can view information about who has been searching for them online. Premium memberships that start at $7.95 offer even more features so people can stay connected and informed.

Changing Your MyLife Premium Membership

If you decide that you do not need a premium membership with MyLife, then you should contact our Customer Care representatives by calling 888-704-1900. They can answer your calls from 6am to 9pm PST during the week, and from 6am to 6pm PST during the weekend.

It is important to contact customer service because, like many subscription services, uses auto-renewal. Auto-renewal makes sure that you always have access to the services that you want. Instead of having to make your payments manually every month, the payment gets automatically deducted from the money account of your choice.

You can also rely on MyLife's Customer Care professionals to make changes to the information in your membership profile. Our representatives will first verify your identity to keep your information secure. Then they can make any changes that you need. Refund Refund

Clicking Unsubscribe Only Affects Email Notifications

Occasionally, a MyLife member gets confused because he thinks he has cancelled his premium subscription. In most cases, it turns out that a small mistake has been made. Like most companies, MyLife uses email notifications to keep its customers and members informed. If someone were to contact you via, for instance, we would send you an email notification.

Located near the bottom of this notification is a link that lets your unsubscribe. "Unsubscribe," however, only refers to emails. When you click that button, MyLife automatically stops sending you email notifications. Your account, however, remains unaffected. If you want to change your account status, you must contact customer service.

PayPal Accounts and MyLife

If you choose to fund your MyLife premium subscription with a PayPal account, then you should contact that company after terminating your membership. You can call PayPal at 888-221-1161.On some occasions, PayPal has continued to pay for MyLife premium memberships even after the premium subscription's auto-renewal has been disabled. It doesn't always happen, but you should contact them to make sure no one mistakenly transfers money from your account.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Canceling Paid or Premium MyLife Subscription is Easy at makes it as easy as possible for paid members to enjoy the services that they want. That's why we offer automatic renewal to make sure members never experience service interruptions. By renewing memberships automatically, we can assure the highest quality services.

Canceling a Paid or Premium MyLife Subscription

If you would like to end your pair or premium MyLife subscription, then you can contact our Customer Care professionals by calling 888.704.1900. You can also call the Customer Care number to change or delete any of the information that you have given

Our Customer Care representatives are available from 6am to 9pm PST, Monday through Friday. You can also contact our representatives during the weekend between 6am and 6pm PST. Just dial our toll-free number to get the professional services that you need.

If You Pay With a PayPal Account members who pay fees with a PayPal account need to take an extra step to make sure they only get the services that they want. When discontinuing a membership funded via a PayPal account, it is important to contact PayPal's Customer Service representatives to inform them of the change.

You can reach PayPal's Customer Service professionals by calling 888-221-1161. They can disable the billing process to make sure that further subscription fees are not sent to Please also contact to tell our Customer Care representatives that you wish to discontinue your paid account.

Canceling a Paid Membership and Unsubscribing From Email Alerts wants to make sure that every paid member understands how he or she can disable auto-renewal successfully so they always get the specific services that they want. Some members think that clicking the "unsubscribe" link listed at the bottom of email alerts will disable auto-renewal. This link, however, only unsubscribes you from email notifications. To stop membership auto-renewal, always contact our Customer Care representatives.